Kyle, M’kayla, & Jaren

Hello all! Thanks for checking us out! Kyle Hustis Films exists and is maintained because of the collective efforts of the whole family! While building the business, I have had wonderful support by M’kayla and a great new sense of endearment thanks to our baby son, Jaren. I am a new graduate nurse currently employed in the neuroscience intensive care unit who loves going to the movies at any opportunity I can get. M’kayla is the clean and orderly one of the bunch and will basically only sit down long enough to watch either the Bachelor/Bachelorette or Stranger Things. Jaren is very much into his Barney phase right now. We all love to vacation in California and try to go trail running but find less time to do that now days! Whenever you hire myself to come film, you can be rest-assured that I will try my best to get M’kayla and Jaren to show up for at least a small portion of the wedding to say hi!