Kyle Hustis


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Mission Statement

Anyone that knows me knows how hard it is for me to take myself seriously. Even as I was thinking about a mission statement, my mind went straight to the scene of The Office where Michael is attempting to get his grandma to invest in his new paper company. “Whats your mission statement?” she asks. "My mission is stated as follows.. I will not be beat. I will never give up. I am on a mission.” Though I could never be as eloquent with words as most people, I do share the same kind of enthusiasm and work ethic into doing something that I truly love. The excitement that goes into each shoot paired with the happiness from what is the most joyous time of people’s lives makes every film one to be treasured for a lifetime.



Kacia + Tony

Kacia & Tony, Desert Botanical Garden
October 2017

These two gave me one of the most memorable birthdays I’ve ever had. I was fortunate enough to to have them reach out to me at a time where I was barely transitioning into filmmaking full time while going to school. Desert Botanical Garden remains one of my favorite venues of all time. Small risks were made as we scaled up the side of the mountain but it was sure worth it. I am forever grateful for the friendships made this day with such incredible people!

Bailee + Branson

Bailee & Branson, The Croft Downtown July 2018

Bailee and Branson were of the kindest couples I’ve ever met with parents that were probably more excited about their video than I was! Seriously, the support for these two is apparent by their outpouring of love from friends and family. I wish nothing but the best for these two! Notice how amazing their venue was. In the heat of downtown Phoenix, The Croft Downtown offers an amazing rural atmosphere to make for a very dramatic film.


Angela + Josh

Angela & Josh, Chateau de Vie November 2018

I was fortunate enough to film these two throughout the whole year! Their engagements, bridals, and wedding day films are of the best that I’ve been able to create. Their story is awe-inspiring and their film still brings out the emotions of their day as moments are relived with their little boy as well as the rest of their families. Their venue reminded me of 18th-century French Chateau architecture that you only see in movies! It was an amazing and unique experience to be able to capture their special day in such a distinguished venue.